Influencing your ears: Does your friends music choice affect what you’re listening to?

Yannik Daglo, Staff Writer

Music is one of those things in which we may gain interest in certain things because of our friends. It’s a good thing because you are putting people on to something they might have never heard of before. Your music taste may be decided on how your friends may feel about it, if your friend likes/dislikes it, you may start to favor a song or dislike it.

However, I cannot resonate with that, my music taste isn’t really inspired by what my friends think, and it surely is not based on what my friends like or dislike.

Because as I can simply ask, Why should it be based off of that?

My taste in music is what I like, so nobody can really change my mind on my taste in music because of their likes. Music is a wonderful thing that may bring many emotions while listening to your favorite songs or your artist, so how can my music be influenced by what my friends like. Everyone should be able to like what they like and what they personally resonate with, because it is what makes music beautiful.

You won’t be able to experience that side of music if your taste is based off what your friends like. However, that doesn’t mean others should have the same mindset as me, because for others, their friends’ likes may influence their music taste. That’s ok because friends play a big part in our lives.

For others, their friends’ likes play a heavy role their curated music taste, which is great for them, but that is not the case with me as I like what I like. The great thing about music is your taste also can describe you as a person, and that is why my music taste is not based on what my friends like.