What makes you cringe?



Using cellphone as a clicker

Ishitha Panguluri, Editor-In-Chief

Have you ever been in a public space and suddenly heard someone’s voice blasting out of a
speakerphone? Did you feel your skin crawl, and an urge to run away from the noise? If so,
you’re not alone. Using a speakerphone in public is a behavior that makes many people cringe,
and for good reason.

Using a speakerphone in public is an invasion of privacy. When you speak on a speakerphone,
you broadcast your conversation to everyone in the immediate vicinity. This means that anyone
within earshot can hear everything you say, even if they don’t want to. This can be especially
uncomfortable if you’re discussing personal or sensitive information that you don’t want
strangers to know.

In addition to being an invasion of privacy, using a speakerphone in public is also incredibly
rude. It shows a lack of consideration for others and a disregard for their right to peace and
quiet. People go to public spaces to work, relax, or spend time with friends and family, and they
shouldn’t have to listen to someone else’s conversation.
Using a speakerphone in public also makes it difficult for others to concentrate. Whether you’re
in a library, a coffee shop, or on public transportation, background noise can be distracting and
disruptive. When someone is talking on a speakerphone, their voice is amplified and can be