Are You Ready for It?


Sophia Malone, Staff Writer

Never in anybody’s wildest dreams did we imagine that Taylor Swift would be coming to
Raymond James stadium in Tampa for the Eras tour.

Swifites all over the nation traveled to Florida to watch her shake it off on stage.
With three amazing nights coming to a close, many fans believed that she needed to stay stay
With an incredible set list, lasting up to 3 hours, fans were not left disappointed.
Some fans came as they were and didn’t arrive in themed outfits, while others didn’t want to go
out of style and dressed to impress.

Many Swifties knew all too well that this would be an Enchanted weekend.
Hotels and air BnB’s nearby were all sold out, traffic was backed up for hours leaving the

But this weekend will have everybody saying long live Taylor Swift.
She started her show off with the album lover, followed by fearless, evermore, reputation, speak
now, red, folklore, 1989, and 2 surprise songs in her acoustic section. Ending the show, she sang
songs from her newest album Midnights.

Special guest Aaron Dessner, who helped write and played many songs beside her, made an
appearance at the show playing Mad Woman, and a classic fan favorite Mean (which were her
surprise acoustic songs).

With everybody in the stadium wearing special led light bands, it left the stadium shimmering
and Bejeweled.

Not only was the stadium bedazzled in lights, but fans were having the time of their lives and
singing along to all her songs.

When she would have a costume change, or start a fan favorite song, the Stadium erupted in
applause and roaring claps.

Swifties danced, sang, cheered, and even did some of her concert chants!
With 3 hours and some change of fun and music, Taylor ended the night with fireworks and a
display of lights.

This night was one to remember, and left fans wishing that this wasn’t The last Time, she’d be
making an appearance In Tampa on the Eras tour.