Should Prom only be seniors?


Cuyler Bliss, Staff Writer

Many believe the 2023 Freedom prom was a huge success. Students loved the theme and had an amazing time. Even though it is supposed to be an upperclassman event, many underclassmen were found at the dance spoiling the fun of the evening.

“I waited four years for a special senior prom night. We had a great time, don’t get me wrong, but being surrounded by juniors and even sophomores that came kinda took out the special part of it,” Olivia Becht (12) said.

Becht also stated that she didn’t mind them being around but she would’ve liked the dance to only be seniors so she could celebrate the end of her high school days with people she went through high school with. Becht added that they have their entire high school years to have their prom and should’ve left it to just the seniors only.

“I get why she’s upset and everyone seeing that I am a sophomore at a event for only older kids, but it’s not fair that I’m dating a senior and he wanted me to share the night with him,” Collyn Jones (10) said.

Jones shared frustration with multiple couples that received some backlash for showing up with younger dates.

“Overall, prom is just a dance,” Karis Kraf (11) said. “Everyone still had an amazing time and opinions should be held to themselves and just have your own fun.”