How much pressure do boys face to have the “perfect body”


Ally Dammer, Staff Writer

Scrolling through social media can be very stressful. You start scrolling and your feed is just filled with models with unrealistic bodies, fake tans, perfect teeth and designer clothes.

Teens that use social media are constantly comparing and judging themselves to others.

When most people think of this, they think of females being insecure. But nobody ever stops to consider how much pressure is put on men to have the perfect bodies.

“I feel like I am a good height and build,” Brayan Gutierrez (11), said.

When asked how he would help a friend if they were insecure about their bodies he says, “I would tell them they
should go to the gym and work for it to prove themselves.”

Aubin Maka Maka (12) had some inspiring words to say. He does not feel insecure about himself at all. He says he hypes himself up because “self-love is the best love.”

Men typically have more confidence than females. This does not mean we should ignore their feelings and not check up on them. They have their own insecurities, even if they don’t show it as much as us females.