Apples for Appreciation


Dan Sidwell

Journalism teacher Dan Sidwell keeps his apples hung up in his room. “It’s a great way to look back and see the lives you’ve impacted in a positive way over the years,” Sidwell said.

Cuyler Bliss, Staff Writer

The end of the school year is on the horizon for many students, and they are ready to finish off the year. In May, Freedom celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week. One full week of school is dedicated to thanking and letting out educators know how much they mean to us as their students.

A fun way to let every teacher know what they truly mean to their students is through apple notes. The notes are cut out into paper apples and students write down a teacher’s name and a positive note to them.

“Teachers disperse the paper apples early in the week then return them back to us when they’ve completed them,” Rose Khosh (10) Said. “From there it is SGA’s job to read, file, and sort through every single apple.”

Khosh is in charge of taking the apples and sorting them in alphabetical order, from there another member will take the alphabetical apples and place each teacher into a baggy with their last name on it.

Kyle Chen (12) has the job of sorting through the apples once alphabetical and placing them in the teacher’s personal bag.

“The only hard part of apple week is trying to locate a teacher’s bag when there’s so many staff members receiving apples. It’s difficult to have a stack of 15 different G last name teachers and I can’t find one of their personal bags to give some of my stack to in a timely manner.”

The whole process is stressful and a lot of work to read, sort, and delivering them. But SGA is tackling the apples one at a time.

“I will say I’m really proud of how hard everyone is working and not goofing off,” Lilly Luttrell (12) said. The bad notes are thrown away and all good ones are placed in their needed bag. Really happy the whole class is participating to make this work.”