22-23 Yearbook Recap


Hudson Brown, Staff Writer

This year’s yearbook staff earned an All-Florida award from FSPA for their football, wrestling, and golf spreads. There were many events this year going on and they got to make record of all of them.

Angela Montana (11) was this years Student Life Editor. This was her 2nd year in the yearbook.

This year she got to see the different lives of so many different students. She was able to meet people she might not have normally met just going through a normal school day.

The yearbook staff created two covers this year. The blue was the popular choice of the student body, but the orange was the popular choice of the yearbook staff.

“Getting to capture memories from different people I would usually see around school,” Montana said.

There were a few stories that she wrote for in the yearbook, but she did enjoy 1 in particular. She did a feature for the yearbooks spread on jobs and got to see the life of a student working over the summer for his dad, Kyler Brazon (11).

“A story that I really enjoyed on Kyler working over the summer for his dad. He showed how hard that he worked and the skills that he learned working construction,” Montana said.

They put together all of their stories and made many spreads to form the yearbook. There were many different topics that they covered, from sports to fashion. In the end they got to see it all put together to form the 2022-2023 yearbook.

“It turned out really good and it’s cool to see it all put together and to see all of our hard work put together,” Montana said.