Gender wage gap opinions

Gender wage gap opinions

Hadley Linne, Staff Writer

Gender inequality has been around for hundreds of years. It is much more talked about now than it was in the past. With the freedom to express my our opinions I decided to interview students at Freedom their opinion on the gender inequality they face in everyday life.

“I think it’s injustice and there shouldn’t be a wage gap when both men and women are performing the same job,” Ishitha Panguluri (10) said.

While a gender wage gap isn’t always present in minimum wage fast food jobs that most teens work at. Many students at freedom claim they are treated differently than their co workers.

“I think guys at my job can get away with more inappropriate behavior while women can’t get away with some things they say,” Ava Stevenson (10) said.

Not only is this treatment present in jobs it also affects some people. It affects student in school.

“I’ve felt gender inequality a lot in school, some times boys in my class can have better treatment than the girls and vice versa,” Sara Elboufi (10) said.

Many people also believe that gender inequality doesn’t exist and we are treated fairly for the most part.

“I personally think men and women are treated equally and fairly in recent times,” Hares Ibrahim (11) said.

Gender inequality is a controversial subject and people can have different opinions based of how they are treated. Bias will always affect this topic and our opinions on it.