Hares Ibrahim, Staff Writer

On October 25, 2021, the soccer players of Freedom will be put to the test to see if they are worthy to play for the team or not. All these players take the tryouts seriously and are willing to do what they can to receive their spot on the team. The past couple years, the following three juniors have made the team freshman and sophomore year and are coming back this year to tryouts to make the team again.

The Three Juniors

The three boys were interviewed and questioned what their plans and preparation are for the soccer tryouts. “I prepare for soccer tryouts by playing everyday and practicing no matter if I am alone or id I am in a group. I always make sure to go harder and harder every time I practice. This is how I think I will prove myself capable for my spot on the team.” Alejandro Espinosa,11, said. “Before the tryouts, I like to keep a good mindset and eat well a few days before. This will keep me motivated and keep my skill at its best performance because I believe whether I play good or not is all about the mindset.” Najdat Katicha, 11, said. And finally, “I like to observe the way I play by taking videos of me playing during scrimmages or even by myself, to see where I lack and what I need to practice on. Whenever I see my weaknesses, I set a day for when I am going to work on them and make sure I master it before the tryouts to ensure my spot on the team.” Dominic Gonzalez,11, said.

The three boys are going to put in their effort on October 25th and only time and practice will tell whether they make the team or not.