One Year of Covid

One Year of Covid

Hayley Scalabrin, Staff Writer

Students at Freedom High School have now been dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic for an entire year. This time last year, students were going home for spring break, and they did not know that they would not be coming back.

Angela Montana, 9, says Coronavirus has created a lot of roadblocks this year but she is used to the way things are now. “I did not think it would last this long. I for sure thought it was a quick thing. I am concerned about the people coming to Florida from around the country for spring break. It will be mostly people from up north and there are lots of cases,” Montana, 9, explained.

Students have been given the option of doing E-learning or in person classes this year and Montana has chosen to do in person classes.

Olivia Murrin, 11, has already been quarantined twice this school year.

“I am brick and mortar because I learn best when I have face to face interactions with my teacher and peers. Covid has negatively impacted my mental health for the most part unfortunately,” remarked Murrin, 11.

Murrin also discussed how her life has improved since the start of Covid, saying she has been able to have more time to herself, and how she has started talking to a cousin of hers for the first time. They have been able to form a close friendship despite the social distancing regulations put in place to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

Elli Bahl, 11, does not think Covid will officially be gone for another year.

“I think we could all agree that Covid has negatively impacted everyone. For me it has impacted my personality, and my happiness as my social interaction is limited to a screen. I have to do E-learning because my family is high risk. I am concerned about the spring breakers coming to Florida, but I think those cases will probably be more in Miami,” Bahl, 11, said.