Freedom Students and Social Issues


Hayley Scalabrin, Staff Writer

Freedom students are anxious in these last couple months of 2020. This year has been intense, and it is not over yet. Amidst the chaos, Freedom students have told me what social issues matter to them most.

Makenna Thomas (12) knows what issues matter to her, and that she wants Joe Biden to win the election. “I would say that healthcare and racial justice and gender equality as well as LGBTQ rights are what’s most important to me in this election, and I do support Biden.”

If Joe Biden, the Democratic Presidential Candidate, wins the election he plans to pass Kamala Harris’ bill to create a task force that directly addresses racial disparities within healthcare.

Racial injustice has been a big focus in America in the wake of the death of George Floyd, who was killed by police in May of 2020.  Donni Williams (12) feels strongly about the the social injustice that is present in the country. “Personally, I care about the reform and justice for minorities. Even in 2020, we are underrepresented and to be truly equal is definitely something that matters to me.”

Tripp Weston (11) is focused on what life is like in America. Under Donald Trump’s administration, there has been decrease in immigration and an increase in deportations. Donald Trump currently has no known plan for healthcare, he is currently in court trying to remove Obamacare.

“I think healthcare is an important issue,” Weston said, “along with illegal immigration control.”

Cambell Brown (12) also agrees that healthcare and racial justice are concerning for her. “Issues that matter to me are racial justice because everyone deserves to be treated the same no matter how they look. I also feel like healthcare should be more affordable but not necessarily free because that means there would be higher taxes on people.” Regarding systemic racism, Joe Biden’s plan addresses specific policies for healthcare, climate change and education to combat systemic racism. Donald Trump’s plan does not mention any plan to address systemic and institutionalized racism.

Nelson Rivera (12) says that considering the past year, every issue is important to him.

“Inequality is such a large issue in this country and serves as an umbrella carrying so many other issues that need to be solved,” Rivera said. “Our current administration doesn’t and won’t see it this way but that’s the issue and that’s why it’s important now more than ever, that we needed to vote in this election.”