AP Statistics: A growing alternative

Lance Etelkozi, Staff Writer

The AP Statistics class taught by Ms. Krystina Amaro

on campus is rapidly growing in popularity. It provides an option for an AP math class after taking Algebra 2.

After Algebra 2, students choose from other math courses. Among these are Pre-Calculus, Math for College Readiness, Trigonometry, Advanced Topics, and AP Statistics. Students looking to take Calculus AB or BC will take Pre-Calculus, but some prefer to take another high-level math class that’s not Pre-Calculus.

Junior, Daniel Alberto, started, “The main reason I took this class was because I didn’t want to take Pre-Calculus, but I’ve come to really enjoy the class,” Alberto continued, “I like the style the teacher teaches. She’s really nice to all of her students and she adds a good environment to the classroom.”

AP statistics is a growing option for students. Last year, only 12 students took the class, nine of them in school. This year, 66 students are currently enrolled in AP Statistics, increasing by more than five times the original size.

Ms. Amaro is in her second year of teaching the class. When asked why she believes the class grew so quickly, she stated, “Personally, I think it’s a math class that’s practical. You can apply it to the real world, you’re not just manipulating numbers.”

In AP Statistics, students cover data, what it is, how it’s used, and how it’s calculated. They put everything in context of real-world situations.

Out of the nine students attending school who took the AP exam last year, four passed. However, Ms. Amaro is confident that number will rise in her second year teaching the class.

“We are doing a lot more hands-on activates and real-world problems, which will help students connect to the content more”

Ms. Amaro