Bread stapler raises money for Latin Honors Society


Anna Lamlein, Staff Writer

Lance LaNeve is just like any other sophomore at Freedom. Except, he has one very interesting hobby.

Lance is a part of a growing community known for stapling bread to trees. There is no true meaning behind this activity, as confusing as it might look at first, it is exactly what it sounds like. Over 90,000 people enjoy seeing and stapling bread to trees.

Lance has been observing this community for almost two years now. When given the responsibility of raising money for Latin Honors Society’s Relay for Life, he saw it as a unique opportunity to try out the stapling.

Lance began collecting loaves of bread from grocery and Dollar Stores. Then, he made the trek to a nearby forest where he could begin.

Lance described, “For about 30 minutes I stapled bread to a slightly wooded forest. It must’ve looked pretty weird for the few people walking by, a six foot redhead covered in sweat, pulling slices of bread out of a trash bag and stapling it to a tree.”

But, Lance’s efforts paid off. After posting his masterpiece online, he has received 50,000 views and 4,000 likes. In just a week he’d raised over $110. Overall, he has raised $273 for Latin Honors Society. Individual donations from the bread stapling community came in at up to $30.

For Lance’s first bread stapling endeavor, it is definitely considered a success. Although donations have slowed, so far the club is on track to out-donate Wharton this year.

As for creating this unique fundraiser, Lance explains, “As Arthur Schopenhauer said, genius lives only one story above madness.”