Michelle Morgan: Future Pro Swimmer


Hares Ibrahim, Staff Writer

How it all started:

Michelle Morgan is a Senior at Freedom High School and is a part of the Freedom Swim Team. When Morgan was six years old, she would attend a daycare after school. One day, her daycare announces that there is a new swim clinic to form a swim team for the kids at the daycare. Morgan was curious and gave it a try
“After my first day, I quit all other sports because I instantly fell in love with swim” Michelle said. After some time at the swim clinic, she decided to join a club at only 6 years old

Favorite Stroke:
Although Morgan can swim using all strokes, she has a favorite “Definitely the backstroke because it is different and enjoyable compared to the rest, and I can breathe the entire time during the stroke.”

What do you enjoy about school/club swim?
When Morgan enrolled as a student at Freedom, she immediately planned on joining the swim team in her freshman year. Now she is a senior and has been on the school swim team every year while also being on a club swim team. Morgan loves both club and school swim, but there are different things she enjoys between the two.
“I enjoy getting close and forming new friendships with my teammates at school swim. However, in club swim I enjoy the competition with other swimmers and working on my technique to improve my performance in races.”

Improvements since freshman year?
Every year, Morgan has two individual races against other competitive swimmers. In her two races in freshman year, she got third place for both. She was proud of herself; however, she did not stop there.
Coming into sophomore year she showed clear improvement and got second place in both of her individual races. Again, she was very proud of herself, but she was not comfortable yet.
In junior year she excelled in her performance and got first and second place in her two individual races under her new title of Freedom Swim Team Captain. Morgan celebrated with her team and continued training right after.
“I fully expect myself to do even better in my senior year.”

Future in Swim?
Next year Morgan will continue her swimming journey after committing to University of North Carolina.
“I am more excited than I am nervous because I already know quite a bit of people who will be attending the school with me. I am also confident in my swimming skill and will do what I have to do to help my team win.”