Sebastian Pardo and his Lucrative Hobby


Keshav Madhavan, Staff Writer

Sebastian Pardo is an 18-year-old senior who for the last couple years have found a passion for scalping various products for a huge profit.

Scalping is the process of buying something that has a significant amount of hype surrounding it and selling it for higher as demand is high. Sebastian got into scalping freshman year and has continued to do it for the last four years.

“I got into reselling because my older friend Adrian was doing it, he would always make fun of people who had jobs because he said he made money way way easier.”

After learning the basics of scalping from his friend he immediately started to invest his money into various products. From stores like Supreme to even in the recently popular PlayStation 5s.

“Well, there are a couple groups on discord you have to pay membership for. Once in these groups, they tell you about all the drops that are going to happen and what is going to resell for more”

At first look however, scalping these extremely hyped products seems very difficult. The products Sebastian invests in, sell out in seconds so time is of essence to him. This is when he looked to other ways to make his process easier and more effective.

“You really need a bot to have holes of checking out so the night before a drop we start coding or telling the bot what to do for the drop…it’s a whole process but it’s gets easy once you do it a lot.”

Although this effort pays off significantly in the long run. As these products have a huge amount of demand surrounding them, Sebastian sells the product for often two to five times the amount.

“I don’t know demands on the month and what’s selling. On average I make 200 dollars a month. The highest I think I made was like 500 dollars in a month.”

Money aside, Sebastian also loves the thrill that comes with reselling these expensive products and the experiences he has with them. Often, he would obtain very rare products that many people dream of having.

“I got a PlayStation 5 the other month when they were really limited and had friends asking to buy it off me.”

Sebastian Pardo is confident he’ll keep up scalping for years to come and welcomes the challenges that come with it.