All about Michelle


Michaela McGruder, Staff Writer

Michelle Morgan is a 16-year-old newspaper writer, swimmer and student who began swimming at age seven.

“I got into swimming one day at daycare. We’d gotten a new swim coach and he held a clinic for the students, ever since then I’ve loved to swim,”  Morgan, 11, said.

Morgan has been swimming for nine years and over the course of these nine years she has gone to 13 Flags for Florida meets, three Junior National meets and one National meet. Morgan also qualified for the Olympic trials and was previously named Scholastic All-American for keeping above a 3.5 GPA and for having an accomplished swimming record.

“Balancing school and swim were hard until I learned how to prioritize a little better. Now it’s easier because I’m used to practicing consistently and doing homework or schoolwork.”

Morgan had the opportunity to attend these meets and has been able to travel and see different cities and states.

“I’ve been to California, North Carolina, Georgia, and Indiana just to name a few. It’s always fun traveling to these different areas and seeing the different teams; I get to learn the various levels and dynamics of swim teams.”

Morgan has also grabbed the attention of recruiters and colleges.

“I’m very appreciative of the colleges and recruiters who want me to attend their schools, and I’m grateful for what they’re offering me but it’s also weird because I have so many people telling me you should go to this school, or this school has a great swim team; It’s not something I’m used to.”

Whenever Morgan visits different cities and states, her and her father spend their spare time going to a museum and looking at the city’s history; or they go to that cities downtown area and checkout some of the cool places there are.

“My favorite subject is history, so I love going to museums and looking at the different things that they have or learning something new.”

Morgan is very family oriented. She loves being around her family and spending quality time with them.

“We all are always so busy so when we’re all free and have time to spend we love to spend it together.”