Meet Philip Foo


Karli Del Giudice, Staff Writer

Philip Foo is an active sophomore at Freedom High. He was on the track team his freshman year, but he plays for the tennis team this year.

Foo practices tennis daily at the Tampa Palms Country Club to improve.

“I am doing decent[ly] in school tennis. Even though only the top five play, I am ranked number six, but [I] keep continuing to practice to become a better play,” stated Foo. “I have only been playing for two years and hope to continue my next two years playing high school tennis!”

Foo decided not to continue track because of the intense time commitment.

“I did not enjoy running at all. The practices were always long and hot. I am glad I tried it out,” said Foo.

In his free time, Foo enjoys playing Fortnite, a very popular video game. He plays it every day after school and on the weekends for a few hours at a time. He hopes to get more solo wins.

“I have only gotten one solo, but as a team, I have gotten many number 1 Victory Royales. It is a very addicting game to play, “ explained Foo.

Foo currently boasts a 3.5 GPA with Honors classes.

“My favorite class is chemistry. I enjoy doing all the labs because they’re very interesting and cool to learn about. I want to take more science classes in the future,” noted Foo.

Foo plans to take on a more challenging academic schedule next year.

“I want to take a few AP classes next year to get a higher GPA,” said the sophomore.