Freedom Fest rescheduled

Lara McKeown, Staff Writer

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Due to the thunderstorms predicted on Friday, Freedom Fest has been rescheduled to a Valentine’s Day event in February. Students who planned to participate in Freedom Fest are disappointed, but they still look forward to the event in the future.  

Lessi Millington, 12, explained “Because of the weather, the Mort Elementary School Principal didn’t think it would be a good idea to bring the children to an outside event.” 

Many students at Freedom feel bad about cancellation for the Mort Elementary students. “I’m heartbroken that we can’t provide a highlight during the holiday season for the elementary students,” Amir Iranmanesh, 12, said, “But I’m glad we could still reschedule.” 

Others also looked forward to spending their Friday out of class and entertaining the elementary students with holiday activities.  

“Since it’s my first year at Freedom, I was excited to participate in Freedom Fest,” Carmen Canals, 9, said. 

Some students have thought of other alternatives for Freedom Fest instead of rescheduling it, such as hosting it inside or another day this month.  

“I think we should just move it inside like Wharton does, so it can still be in December and we can do the holiday activities we planned for,” Sofia Rao, 10, suggested. 

Despite the change of plans, Freedom Fest will still be a fun event for everyone involved, regardless of when it is. 

“Freedom Fest has always been one of my favorite events of the year,” Nicole Bogdanoff, 12, continued, “I love spending the day with the kids and getting in the holiday spirit.”