Math Help For All

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Math Help For All

Aidan Carney, Staff Writer

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Freedom students had the opportunity to join different clubs at Club Rush on August 23rd and 24th. Many of the clubs accepting new applicants have been established clubs at Freedom, but a few clubs have recently been added. One club that is new to Freedom is the Math Homework Help Club.

The Math Homework Help Club, also known as MHH, is a club that provides help with assignments for math classes of all levels. The students are tutored by their classmates who have mastered the curriculum.

Thanks to the hard work and organizational skills of Junior Amir Iranmanesh, President of the Math Homework Help Club, Freedom now has a club focused on peer help among students.

“I have a passion for math, I’ve taken every possible math class and I want others to see how I see math,” Iranmanesh stated. “It’s like a whole new language and once you understand it you really look at the world differently.”

Iranmanesh was not alone in creating the club, as he received help from both Sponsor Ms. McCray and Co Vice President Senior Armeen Iranipour.

“No one helped me start it, however once I brought the idea a lot of kids were happy to help with the project, like Armeen, who pledged to put in efforts with me to grant the privilege to students at Freedom High School to have aid in math if they need it,” Iranmanesh added.

Although this is the first year of the club, members of the club are hoping to help anyone who desires it.

Students interested in receiving help may get in touch with student-tutors by attending club day each month or contacting President Amir Iranmanesh.

“I want every kid to have the chance to understand math if they want to and I’ll help them do that for free.”

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