Freshman talks about her experience on the high school softball team

Izzy Selvaggi, Staff Writer

Ainsley Meyer (9) has played softball for 6 years. She has a lot of experience with the sport and has a great love for it.

Meyer has played in a multitude of different positions on both of her teams. On Freedom’s team she plays utility, which is wherever coach needs her. Changing positions never stopped Meyer from doing what she loves. She gets a well-rounded experience with the sport and new experiences all around.

“I used to be pitcher, but now I am shortstop,” Meyer said. “At school I am most of the time either left field or third base, so I play a lot of positions.”

The team is new this year since last year they did not have enough players join. Although many of the players are new they have came out with outstanding spirit. It is always great to see a team with great sportsmanship and team bonding.

“Everyone on the team has great spirit and is always excited cheering everyone on and hyping them up,” Meyer said.

Coach Renee Thompson always helps them learn a lot at the practices and then they get to actually execute what they learn at the games and it is beneficial for them. Being able to learn things from the seniors also helps because most of them have played the sport before.

“We got a new coach this season and she is really good,” Meyer said. “I like only having one coach rather than two or three like the other sports because it makes it easier at the practices.”