Boys lacrosse on a downfall?


Cuyler Bliss, Staff Writer

After not getting to play last year’s season due to no coaching staff, the boys varsity lacrosse team was
thrilled to have the opportunity to play this year under a new head coach Sean Folley. Due to certain circumstances, he was released from his duties on February 28, 2021. (Reasoning was not provided).
Once the players heard about the release of Coach Folley, many of them were not afraid to hold back
their comments about being upset over losing the coach. Head Captain Senior Tripp Weston, gave his
insight over the situation that is, “… truly an unfortunate loss over a coach with such a good background
in lacrosse but admin had every right to do something. It was an understandable call, just hurts the team
that he was fired because now players want to quit and leave the team which will lead to no one
wanting to play. We will not have a team and will not be able to play at all for kids who stay and want to
play even though coach was fired.”
Coach Folley did have an impressive background in the lacrosse world after playing at the collegiate
level. Many of the boys see this as a giant loss to the program and how it is going to affect the future. “I
just wish the admin did not take the punishment that severely, yes justice was needed but people
deserve second chances. It was a mess up, he is a human who is young, and just needed some help or
guidance on the situation, not being fired. Like Tripp said, it is understandable because they have the
authority to do this. But now no one wants to play under a coach who does not understand the game.
That is going to affect our play overall,” Carson Linville,10, said.
The anger and emotions given towards the situation was brought to the administrators’ attention who
oversaw the situation itself. Luckily enough, I was able to speak to the Principal of Freedom Kevin
Stephenson. “We made a choice that would be good for the team. Decisions like these are not easy but
it was necessary. The admin will do everything it can to help make sure the team will continue their
season and keep being successful,” Mr. Stephenson said. Unfortunately, our Athletic Director Jeff
Duncan was not open for discussion of this situation and refused to add comments at this time.
Players on the boys’ team are anxious for the continuation of the rest of their season. Most are worried
if they will continue with the lack of players wanting to play the rest of the season due to no secure
coaching. Will this be the end for freedoms boys’ lacrosse season for the year? Or will they push through
this hardship and try to save their season working with what they know and whoever will be coach for
Senior Caden Kitchen, after hearing the news about their coach being fired, shared how he feels about
it and how it might affect his future on the team. “It sucks that they did this, Coach was going to turn
freedom around and help the future of freedom. I am genuinely having a challenging time trying to
figure out if I will keep playing this season over this upset. I want a coach who knows the game. Playing
without Folley is going to be difficult for us all. He loved this team more than anything and wanted what
is best for us. I wish admin could have handled it differently,” Caden Kitchen, 12, said.