FHS cheer hosts Western Conference

Philip Foo, Staff Writer

The Freedom cheer team was faced with a problem when their competition at Wharton had to be canceled due to problems in the Wharton gymnasium. Now the Western conference will be held at Freedom on January 22nd . The problem with the Wharton location was a result of the ceiling being too low, putting the cheerleaders at potential risk of injuries.

One Freedom cheer captain, McKenzie Snow 12, said, “Wharton held a mini comp last year, but no conferences that I know of. This will be new for the team.”

The cheer team has won two mini competitions and earned first place at the FCC competition. “We secured second place at the state regionals, moving us straight to finals,” added Snow.

Snow continues, “States has a lot of amazing teams that we’ll be competing against. We will hope for a great outcome, but as long as we do our best, that’s all that matters.”

Cheerleader, Karli Delgiudice, 11, says, “We’re going to do very well. We have been practicing for this day since May and have done our routine over and over again. We have gotten first many times at our competitions. We are hoping to be state champs, and if we push hard enough, I think we will make it.”