The Final Four

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The Final Four

Genevieve Clark, Staff Writer

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As some FHS tennis players begin hanging up their racquets, four Freedom champions will continue practicing on the court as they head to the State Championship.

Regionals took place Tuesday, April 24 and, it was a tough battle for FHS players. Only Julianna Gibson, 10, won her singles match against Osceola High School and will be bringing doubles partner Zoe Ruszin, 10, to States.

Ruszin claimed, “Julianna is a tough player to beat. I think we make a great team and I hope we place at states.”

Julianna Gibson, 10.

The boy’s team played Braden River at the Tampa Palms Country Club and left players Akim Zekri, 10, and Jared Klay, 12, on top and on the road to the State Championships.

Zekri stated, “I’m so excited I made it to states with Jared. I think we’re going to play our best and have a lot of fun.”

Coach Simard and Coach Quick made practices Monday- Thursday from 3:30-5:30, where they worked to keep players in shape and have the perfect technique.

Simard commented, “I couldn’t be more proud of how well the teams performed this season. Their positive attitudes and hardworking nature really showed.”

While two boys and two girls continue practicing for States, other players like Makenna Thomas, 9, are taking a break from the sport in order to focus on school and other activities.

Thomas stated, “I really enjoyed my first year on the tennis team. I plan on playing again next year but right now I want to try other things, maybe the swim team.”

The final four will take on States in Orlando on Monday, April 30.


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