What Are The Best Things You’ve Watched, Read, Heard Or Played This Year?

What Are The Best Things You’ve Watched, Read, Heard Or Played This Year?

Amanda Decker, Staff Writer

The best thing I’ve watched or heard this year consisted of “Cobra Kai”, “Grays Anatomy” and maybe
“Terrifier 2” there’s way more but for now let’s focus on those three.

Starting off Cobra Kai is the main show I watched. The main show i was obsessed with this year. The
acting is kind of sucky and the fight scenes aren’t that great, but the plot of the show and the events
that occur are very interesting and keeps me wanting more and more the reason I say the acting and the
fight scenes kind of don’t stick with you during the show is because you can see that they don’t actually
hit each other and when they kiss, hug or touch they don’t showing that connection that they should
have as a “acting family.”

Then we have Grays Anatomy art a close 2nd and that’s because they killed off a main character and that
almost killed the whole show for me but not just quite that show teaches you while it’s entertaining you.
Some of the teaching points deal with more adult stuff like they go around spreading rumors, or bullying
each other, or falsely marrying someone for certain benefits. Not only these reasons have fascinated
me, it’s me also wanting to be a surgeon and that show shopped them going to school growing to be a
better them messing up obviously but also correcting their mistakes.

Last, we have the movie Terrifier 2. This also kind sucked but also intrigued me because the acting was bad
the darkness of the scene was bad, but the plot got me and made me think about why they made the
movie that way, and I love to think about the movie as i watch it, it helps me understand it more and get
a clear interpretation of it all together.