Teenage slang, is it Cringeworthy?

Sophia Malone, Staff Writer

Have you ever been rizzed up?

Rizzing someone up has to be the most cringe phrase the has ever been said.

Rizz is getting someone to like you, or more commonly known as “pulling” someone.

This phrase has started to be high in the vocabulary of many teenage boys.

They pull the girl they like, then they have “W rizz”.

For anyone confused, rizz stems from the word charisma, which means a positive personality or charm.

You wouldn’t date or talk to someone you don’t like or find attractive in some way. So, when you pull that special someone with your charm, you have rizz.

Personally, I think this is the cringiest word I have ever heard. Not only does it sound dumb, but it’s kind of possessive.

It’s like saying that you’re the sole reason someone likes you, news flash you are not the center of the universe.

It almost feels like saying that takes away the choice the other person had in the matter. Like no, you did not “rizz me up”, I liked you and that’s why we are what we are.

For some reason this word just irks me the wrong way. It just feels very unserious and kind of makes it seem unimportant.

Like someone’s feelings are not a playground, nobody cares who or how much you pull. You are not the “rizz god”.

So, instead of saying W rizz or calling someone the Rizzler, just say that it’s good for them and that you hope they’re happy. Because they aren’t the only determining force in a relationship.