Outer Banks Season Three Recap (Spoiler Warning)


Sophia Malone, Staff Writer

After almost two years of waiting on the fan favorite Netflix show the premier, Outer Banks, is
now streaming. Season two left off on a very big cliffhanger leaving many fans wondering, what’s
happening next?

Needless to say, this new season did not disappoint. With elaborate plot lines, a connection to
past seasons, and stomach dropping moments, this season sure kept viewers on their toes.
“This was definitely one of my favorite shows I have watched and if you haven’t already watched
it, you should. The plot was great, and I really enjoyed seeing new characters,” Elliana
Ruedlinger (9) said.

Season two ended with the Pogues being stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere, cut to
season three and we see that they have built their own settlement on that same remote island that
they now have named “Pougelandia.”

After catching a plane from a seemingly trustworthy man, the Pouges are left to fend for
themselves and escape authorities in South America.

Through the season these characters make huge sacrifices, face challenges that seem impossible,
and make new connections.

In Outer Banks we are constantly introduced to new characters and given flashbacks that help us
draw connections to the plot line.

“I’ve always loved how Outer Banks was straight to the point and a show that was constantly
advancing in its plot. At the beginning of season 3 , we were introduced to new characters such
as Jimmy and Singh, and new challenges for the characters to overcome,” Maggie Takamatsu (9)

While we are introduced to new characters, we also learn more about the older ones. One
character in particular, Rafe Cameron, was definitely not a fan favorite.

“I dislike Rafe,” Takamatsu said. “He irritates me so much.”

From stealing valuable treasure, to killing and wounding many people, Rafe is definitely not a
likeable character.

With this new season being just as dramatic and exciting as the others, we are left wondering,
what will they do for season four? Outer Banks has officially been renewed for a 4th season, set to
premiere in a couple years.

We were left with yet another cliff hanger episode ten, when they were left with the opportunity to
join a man in his journey to finding the infamous pirate Blackbeard. With barely surviving this
last journey, what will the Pouges chose?

Overall, season 3 has many twists, many moments where you didn’t know what would happen,
and some surprising deaths. What will next season be like, and will it live up to fans