Celeb or Politician

Sophia Malone, Staff Writer

With the recent events regarding LGBTQ rights and BLM protests, many celebrates feel the need to speak out or defend, but is that really their job?

Should we as citizens put these average people on a political pedestal just because we admire their talents?

Pop and Country icon Taylor Swift is the center of this controversy, with her new Eras Tour she is travelling the country performing to millions of fans and critics.

Many of those states passed anti-LGBTQ+ laws that were put in place to limit their rights. Such as gender affirming surgery for minors, and rights for LGBTQ+ to adopt children.

Many fans look up to Taylor and see her as a role model, and an advocate for womans rights. So, they’re left complaining and wondering why Taylor won’t speak up or boycott these states.

The people of twitter have struck again targeting this young star. Back in 2019 she released her lover album with a hit song “You need to calm down”. This song contained a message about excepting and supporting the LGBTQ+ community. Along with the fact that many of the stars in the music video were LGBTQ+ icons like Todrick Hall and Laverne Cox.

So many fans wondered why she wasn’t sticking up for them now and were left feeling that the album was just a publicity stunt for more money and views.

The fact is, why should we hold these celebrities accountable for our views? They don’t have to speak out about everything, they are not politicians or advocates.

While using their influence might help solve or advocate for these issues, it is not up to them to believe what we want to and to create civil rights movements.

It’s time we stopped looking to them for advice and acceptance, if you want to make a change hold yourself accountable, not some celebrity, no matter how much you look up to them.