Yannik Daglo, Staff Writer

The movie
Kill Bill premiered theatrically in the U.S. on October 10, 2003, to really positive
reviews. The movie also reformed really well grossing $22 million on it’s opening
weekend while being filmed on a $30 million dollar budget. It quickly emerged as
a fan favorite upon it’s release and became Quentin Tarantino highest selling
movie release at the time and currently in terms of opening weekend. The movie
is an homage to old movie styles like spaghetti westerns, grindhouse cinema, and
samurai cinema. With the movie adding various styles of movies, it fits in many


The director and writer Quentin Tarantino and actress Uma Thurman conceived
the main character the Bride while filming the movie “pulp fiction”, a movie Uma
starred in and Tarantino written and directed also. With the film supposed to
begin production Uma Thurman was pregnant causing the movie to be delayed.
As Uma being more mature as a person and actress, it was easier for her to be
more in tune with her character who is supposed to be pregnant.

About the movie
Kill Bill, just like a bunch of movies is about romance and revenge, but put
together. The movie offers great Dialogue, and narration from the bride as she
speaks about her former partners who betrayed her by killing everyone at her
wedding including trying to kill the bride herself. But the biggest problem is that
the bride being pregnant at the time being shot in the head after being attacked
by her former lover and former boss of hers, Bill. This of course drives our
protagonist to go on a killing spree of everyone involved with the massacre at her

The movie is simply put, a masterpiece as it offers thrill, sympathy, and causes a
bit of anxiety at times. A great timeless piece always encouraged by me to watch
for sure. One thing always to never forget the timeless quote “revenge is a dish
best served cold.