PS5 Shortages stated to last until 2022


Kenzo Cogswell, Staff Writer

Following the initial barrages of shortages comes an even worse announcement by Sony that its PS5 console isn’t becoming easily available anytime soon this year.

Despite the gaming-console releasing in November 12, 2020, the system by Sony proves itself to be nearly impossible to buy. Features like a brand-new Solid-State Drive to improve loading times and a new immersive form of controller rumbling have made it so this slick white machine is desired and demanded by many. This demand exceeds the current possible supply of PS5s, and it has become so disastrous of a situation that last week, even the Chief Financial Officer of Sony, Hiroki Totoki, has had to address that it has gotten even worse: “…even if we secure a lot more devices and produce many more units of the PlayStation 5 next year, our supply wouldn’t be able to catch up with demand.”

It may be to the surprise of no-one that many are still extremely frustrated with this change. After all, it has been around half a year since the release, and despite the many efforts by those determined to get their hands on it, they are left with their hands empty. Part of this frustration can be seen when it comes out in anger to scalpers, those who set up bots to automatically buy the consoles as soon as they restock. James A Perez is one of these people; in a reply to a tweet by, he expresses how he is grateful for the news: “As someone wanting a PS5, I’m more than happy to wait so that the scalpers lose all their money and wasting my time.”

While a similar situation has been experienced by the computer gaming industry by the lack of graphics cards, they have been caused due to different factors. For one, many GPUs are sold out because of their use in the growing cryptocurrency and NFT fiasco. A PS5 is the equivalent of a brick when attempted to use for crypto-mining purposes.

With no current trending markets affecting the console, it leads to the fact that it is sheer demand that is causing all these shortages. It is rather mind-boggling to visualize the amount of people that want their hands on the console required to the point where it is causing a lack of raw materials like silicon that are needed to make the new product. Youtube GoodFuude describes this effect in a single, but sweet statement: “It doesn’t even feel like the new generation (of gaming consoles) is here.”

The wait until many can play their favorite games on the best hardware has been incredibly excruciating, and it’s going to last even longer. With each day where there is shortage comes a slowly, but surely rising level of anger and disappointment from the consumer public. Sony has a challenging predicament on their hands, and the whole world is watching on how they will continue toz act.