Five for the weekend


Michaela McGruder, Staff Writer

Michaela McGruder gives her top five movies to binge watch this weekend

I love TV. I love to watch and enjoy new shows. Lately since we have so much time on our hands, I’ve been watching new shows and re-watching old shows that I’ve already seen. I’m not sure what TV provider you have, but I’m going to refer some shows to you that will hopefully intrigue you as much as they’ve intrigued me.

1. Teen Wolf this show is a remake of the old Teen Wolf that was made in the late 80’s. This remake is unique to me. It teaches you lessons about friendship and how everybody with different beliefs and cultures can intertwine and interact with one another with no problem. Available on MTV



2. Gossip Girl: this show consists of a group of teenagers who reside in the Upper Eastside of New York City. They all attend a private school, where their lives are centered around drama and confusion.  Available on Netflix


3. Modern Family: Just as Teen Wolf, Modern Family is a show that involves different beliefs and different cultures coexisting and synchronizing together as one to form a family.  Available on ABC and Hulu


4. Pretty Little Liars: This is definitely one of my favorites, I’m pretty sure a couple of my girls can agree with me on that one. Pretty Little Liars is a show about a group of teenage girls who’s lives a centered around drama, strife, and death. As one of them is murdered, or they think she is. Available on HBO and Amazon Prime


5. The Fosters: The Fosters is a more in depth version of Modern Family. It gives us more real-life situations and scenarios that are afraid to be discussed today, and it puts it on TV so we can see what’s occurring. It communicates the fears and beauties of being a human in modern day society. Available on Netflix