Who’s that Girl ?


Sofia Rao, Staff Writer

The Coronavirus has caused a lot of change in everyone’s life. Leaving the house frequently isn’t something most of us can do anymore and many people are finding themselves in their homes with nothing to do.

During this quarantine, I’ve been combing over my books, but I also started a new show. The show ‘New Girl’, is on Netflix and has 7 seasons available. Both things are very important to me when I’m starting a new show because I want to be able to watch whatever I’m watching conveniently.

I really like this show and I think it was cast very well. The writers also did an excellent job creating characters that are down-to-earth and easy to relate to. At some point in the show, you’ll definitely feel connected to each of the characters and the trials they’re going through.

Above all, I find this show to be absolutely hilarious. The plot is always comical, and each character has their own unique quirks that make the show funny. At the end of each episode, I find myself laughing and clicking on the next episode. This is pretty important to me, because I do tend to get tired of the shows I’m watching.

New Girl also combines elements like romance, family life, and self-growth into the show. All of these factors really contribute to how heartwarming this show is. I would categorize this show in the “feel good category”, because it’s guaranteed to put you in a good mood after you watch it.

I really enjoy watching this show and I would definitely recommend this show to my friends and family.