Hulu: The Superior Underdog of Streaming Service

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Hulu: The Superior Underdog of Streaming Service

Danny Wood, Staff Writer

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The high school experience can be extremely stressful for many students, creating many vices for students to eliminate stress with, one of the most popular being streaming movies and TV shows over the internet.

High school students are very familiar with the streaming service Netflix. As the global web index observed, 70% of centennials (those born in the 90’s and early 2000’s) use the application at least once a month.

However, amongst the spotlight and popularity of Netflix, a similar application, Hulu, is often outshined by its competitor.

Like Apple vs Android, and Xbox vs. PlayStation arguments, Hulu has both its pros and cons in comparison to Netflix, but in my opinion, Hulu is the superior streaming service, regardless of its lesser popularity.

In today’s society, many people are straying away from expensive cable bills and resorting to online streaming applications instead. Hulu serves as a more efficient TV replacement because of its diverse library, and live TV options.

Hulu has many TV shows that have either recently aired or are currently airing, such as Modern Family, Fixer Upper, and The Bachelor, so cutting the cord on cable doesn’t come with the separation of beloved live TV shows. Furthermore, with an additional cost, Hulu grants access to over 50 live TV channels including news and sports, making the removal of cable manageable.

While Hulu exceeds in quantity of fun, entertaining TV series’, Netflix triumphs in the quality of exclusive, binge-worthy options, making Netflix the greater platform to watch award winning shows.

However, Hulu provides consumers with a casual experience, with many shows that don’t require the deliberate attention required for many Netflix shows. As a long-term Netflix user, the addition of Hulu provided a fresh, entertaining, now preferred experience in comparison.

Whether students have run out of shows on Netflix, or looking to invest in a streaming service for their downtime, students can try Hulu out with a free 7-day trial or hold off until college and receive free Hulu with the purchase of Spotify Premium for $4.99 a month.

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