How Can Schools Motivate Students to Stay in School


Ally Dammer, Staff Writer

High school classes are hard and stressful. Some people can handle the stress a little more
then others. Students that can’t handle it tend to fall behind and start doing worse in their

This could lead to them feeling poorly about themselves which could then lead to them failing or
even worse dropping out.

Most teachers don’t want to see their students fail. If they see you are trying, they will most likely
help you.

But what more could they do to help?

Alot of teachers try to get their class involved and make it fun. This makes the students enjoy
the class. Most of the classes that are like this can be easier to pass.

Handing students, a packet of questions and giving them a due date is not good enough. I’ve had
many classes where the teacher just puts an assignment on the board and doesn’t actually
teach. We are just expected to finish the assignment without being given any instruction.

This plays a big factor on why students drop out and never finish high school. They feel it’s
pointless to sit in a quiet class and not do anything. Are they wrong though?

I believe that teachers should be more hands on. Students can remember and learn thing better
when they’re hands on.

I personally have to learn hands on. Taking notes and watching videos doesn’t teach me

I think if teachers came up with different creative activities and lessons, school would not be as
stressful for students and their grades would improve.