Healthy lunch, Bank or Bust?

Sophia Malone, Staff Writer

More than any other country, the United States faces a huge problem of childhood obesity.

With easy access to fatty high caloric foods, children are left with very little healthy food choices.

Most children attend school every day and benefit from the free lunch program. Federally funded food is free at most schools and easy to access.

Students wait in line, type in their lunch number, and have a variety of choices readily available to order.

From the entrees to the many sides available, students have the ability to pick balanced foods for lunch.

Let’s be honest, what kid is going to pick a salad over pizza? Not many students have the initiative or desire to choose healthier options at school.

If there is a choice between the two, most students would rather pick the often tastier, less healthy foods.

While having healthy options at school is a great initiative towards keeping the children of America healthy, those children may not be receiving the same nutrition at home.

Healthier foods are generally more expensive and not readily available.

Families struggling with money or time may not always have the ability to give their kids heathy and nutritious dinners and breakfast.

While homecooked meals are often better, fast food restaurants like McDonalds and Burger King are cheap, quick, and taste good.

Not reciprocating healthy habits at home will never make students healthier. Using federal funds on an initiative that is unlikely to benefit children is honestly a waste.

Teach your children healthy habits, make sure they know that there are options other than burgers every day. Health starts at home.