Here’s a Tip!


Sophia Malone, Staff Writer

A common practice in America is Tipping, this is a form of gratuity when you have exceptional service or hospitality.

But when is it too much? In America tipping is everywhere, at dine in restaurants you tip you server, on delivery apps you can tip your driver, when ordering at fast food restaurants you can
offer to tip.

With the cost of eating out rising do we need to be tipping?

The answer is not necessarily. In some circumstances tipping is greatly appreciated.

When you’re at a nice restaurant and the waiter/ waitress is very hospitable and attentive that can be a great way to appreciate their hard work and service.

They make little compared to other jobs such as cashiers or chefs and they’re always on their feet carrying heavy plates of food all day.

Tipping for complicated and hard labor wise jobs I understand, but at Starbucks?!?! On the Starbucks app after you mobile order, there is an option to tip.

You’re telling me you want extra money to do your job, absolutely not.

When I order online, no one asks how I am, or even helps me, I order and pay myself. So why should they be paid for doing less?

Tipping culture in America is out of hand, everybody expects to be tipped for doing what they already get paid to do.

If you’re exceptional at your job and attentive, a tip is very kind, but for a mobile order?!

End tipping culture, you do not automatically deserve a tip for doing your job.