Why I’m really nervous about the summer.


Dan Sidwell

A picture I took of one of the buildings in my school

Yannik Daglo, Staff Writer

The end is near
We are approaching day-by-day the end of the school year, a year in which provided typical stress and
mental growth from many obstacles.

And I know many people felt the same way throughout the year, whether if it was from sports and
schoolwork, or doing things outside of school like working or doing service hours.

Regardless many of us can say we felt at our worst at some point of the school year, but now we’re just
less than two weeks away.

And that’s where my fear kicks in about the summer.

My summer expectations
Because summer is a little over 2 and a half months, I have to make it extremely useful.

Especially since it’s the summer before senior year, when people typically start applying for colleges and
start deciding what they want to do with their lives.

For me, I’m planning on studying a lot more to retake the SAT and take my ACT.

But I also want to work as much as I can while balancing with getting some potential service hours.
over the summer I also want to fix my procrastination issues as I know it’s what holds me back from
achieving what I need to.

Other student’s expectations
Just like me, other students are also planning on doing things in the summer to make up time.

Fellow Freedom high school junior, Damian Burden, said “I plan on working in the summer to make
some money while also going to the gym”.

Another, Rihanna Yon claimed she “plan on sleeping more and hanging out with friends”

Obviously we all have our own individual plans for the summer as we are our own individual people.

A friend, Ava Stevenson said “my summer is going to be filled with stress”.
Speaking about her summer, ava opened up saying “I’m doing a lot of academic stuff like preparing for
my college essays, while also planning on doing 4 online classes”.

School is ending soon, which is relieving for most of us, but it also will be stressful for some of us as
juniors becoming seniors.

But nonetheless we should still enjoy the little time we have while taking it all in that we will be leaving
high school.