Elevated Issues

Hudson Brown, Staff Writer

I had surgery this past week, January 23, on my ankle and I was unable to walk
for a week. When I came back to school, I realized how limited our upstairs
classrooms are for people that are incapable of getting up the stairs.
I am lucky that I only have two of my six classes upstairs and one is right in front
of the elevator, but my other class is across campus upstairs and is not
easy to access without the stairs.
There is one elevator available for use, but I have heard it is not always the most
reliable and it can get stuck sometimes when going between floors.
The only elevator is in between the science and history building on the north
side of campus. If you take it upstairs, you can go anywhere upstairs but it is not
If you go up the elevator and need to be upstairs on the south side of campus
where the math and computer classes are you have to walk all the way around
The elevator is not very helpful when you need to get to the English building
quick or the math and computer buildings. I feel that there should be at least one
or two more elevators on campus to help make it easier for those students that
are either temporarily or permanently unable to get up the stairs.
There should be an elevator in between the math and computer building and
also, one that is in the English building or in front of it towards the other science
building upstairs.