Is capturing life too important for some people?


Isabella Selvaggi, Staff Writer

People in this society cannot go anywhere without their phone on them.. Everything digital has been
around since the early 2000’s and it has only gotten worse and more toxic since then. Every time there is
a pretty photo opportunity every single person has their phone out. At least twelve hours of our day is
spent on our phones filling our memory cards with thousands of photos. People don’t realize they are
attached to their phones because everyone else is too. Documenting life is something that every person
does whether it is through a video, photo, or something written. Life is too precious and short to be on
your phone all the time. Before all of this social media was created life was definitely very different.
People know can do anything with a phone so there really is no limitations for them. When was the last
time you put photos in an album or brought film to get developed? Sometimes it could be a good thing
to document your life but you should try your best just to live in the moment instead of just saving it for
later on your phone. When at a place you have never been it might be good to document at some
tourist spots. You should have fun and enjoy it as well. Our whole life is in our back pockets and it
pretty depressing if you really think about it. In just twenty years the whole world has changed so much,
we went from going to a store to go an buy new clothes and now just looking stuff up on your phone
and buying it on the spot. Just the click of a button could change your life in so many ways.