Rain, rain, go away


Janna Zahran, Staff Writer

Everyone who lives in Tampa knows how bad and rainy the weather can get sometimes.

Sometimes the rain goes on for many hours and end up wasting a lot of people’s time and plans for the day.

Considering how often this happens, everyone should find at least one good way to fill that lost time with a different activity.

Samuel Batchelder, a freshman, says that it’s very beneficial to find things to do at home instead of feeling discouraged.

“I feel like it’s always better to find something to keep yourself busy during rainy or stormy weather rather than just dwelling on the fact that you can’t go out and go about your day,” Batchelder said.

There are many things you can do at home during bad weather to make good or productive use of your time.

Different people enjoy doing different things such as reading, playing games, spending quality time with family, cleaning, and cooking.
Ms. Giacomo, a teacher, talks about how doing something you enjoy helps pass the time quicker.

“When I have to stay at home because of the weather, I usually sit down and binge watch Netflix or do something fun that I enjoy. I feel like it helps the time get by way faster instead of sitting around and waiting,” Ms. Giacomo said.

Making good or fun use of time lost due to stormy weather can be good for you physically and mentally and since we have a lot of those days in Tampa, it’s pretty good to track the weather and to find a hobby or an activity to keep you busy rather that dwelling on the time lost.