The Mask Policy

The Mask Policy

Jase Rosales, Staff Writer

The mask policy has widely affected Freedom High School as well as the rest of the world. It’s something we can all relate to and comment about.

In my opinion, the mask policy is one of the most annoying things going on at Freedom. Lots of people would agree that they would much rather be without a mask. Sure it’s safe, but it’s also quite annoying due to the masks being hard to breathe out of at times.

Masks can also be annoying by fogging up your glasses or being a pain to keep on. Masks can also be a pain to wear due to some people having underlying medical conditions.

Another reason I hate masks is how they are a pain to wear in outdoor exercise activities.

However, I can understand where the people that still gladly wear masks are coming from. They significantly stop the spread of COVID-19. Masks make a huge difference in the spread of the virus. I do not enjoy wearing a mask, however I will still do it to ensure everyone around me is safe.

I also find it selfish when people don’t wear their masks just because they don’t like it. Thinking about everyone around you is what everyone should be doing. Think about it, if everyone wore a mask the spread of Covid would be significantly lower than what it currently is. So that is my opinion. Everyone should wear a mask, even if you don’t like it.