They Called it Puppy Love


Talal N. Albannai

Sofia Rao, Staff Writer

Many high school students have trained themselves to avert their eyes and ignore the public displays of affection in their school hallways. Some students think these overly affectionate students are foolish, but most just accept the young couples.

Yet, we often don’t take a step back and think what becomes of these high school couples and just how much these relationships impact our teenage years.

I’m sure that many adults can look back on their high school years and remember their first serious crush, first date, and maybe even their first relationship. Although many of them probably didn’t realize it at the time, these relationships really affect them.

When these teenagers start their relationship early and become a couple while still young, every day that they stay together holds a lot of weight. These couples spend time together and invest themselves in their partners, so when these teenagers finish high school and start looking for colleges, they can find themselves making decisions based on the good of the couples. So, we have many young students making decisions for their future based off their (often temporary) teenage relationship.

Who can blame these students?

With the stress that we place on relationships, it’s not hard to understand why all these students are scrambling to find young love.

There are countless songs, movies, books, and shows that reference just how great high school relationships are. Also, with social media on the rise, it’s very easy for people to share the best of their own relationships. All these things are further pushing teenagers to find relationships because they believe that this is the thing they are expected to do. Yet, these can all enforce the notion that high schoolers that aren’t in a relationship are missing out on something and are somehow lacking.

Nonetheless, I still don’t believe that high school relationships are all bad.

These young relationships also leave us with some great memories. For many, this is the time where we learn to mature because we have to consider someone else’s emotions. These relationships provide us with laughs, movie dates, and someone to be in your prom pictures.

Having a significant other at the time of a big transition in your life can be really helpful. You always know that there is someone you can tell anything to and not be afraid of judgment. No matter how your day was, you know there is always someone who cares about you at the end of it and will be there for you. This support is often what many teens need in high school.

All in all, there are many factors to consider when going into a relationship in high school.I believe that’s what makes them so influential in our lives.

This is the time where we grow up and start making real decisions. So, whether or not we choose to date someone in high school, it’s important to recognize the importance of these young relationships.