Revive Senior Survival

Lara, McKeown

As graduation rapidly approaches, most seniors have come to realize they don’t know how to survive in the real world. Senior Survival was a class that aimed to teach seniors basic life skills to be independent after graduating high school, but it is no longer offered at Freedom.

In the past, the class educated students on subjects such as personal finance, renting an apartment and cooking. Senior Survival had a reputation as being an “easy A” class, but Freedom should revive it to be a more serious class that helps seniors prepare for life after high school.

“I would take senior survival,” Wilmar Guzman, 12, said, “I think we should have the class back because it would help us prepare for the future and be able take life head on.”

On the other hand, with colleges being so competitive to get accepted into, using a period to take senior survival may not be the best option for some students.

“I feel like a slot on a schedule could be used for another class that’s AP, Honors or attached to an extracurricular to help seniors get into college,” William Lenoir, 12, said, “Seniors should take it if they’re truly interested in it, not as an easy A.”

Perhaps teaching students about college admissions, housing and financial aid would encourage more students to take Senior Survival and make it more beneficial for them.

“I think Freedom should bring back Senior Survival and make it better because I feel like school hasn’t helped me prepare for the future,” Jenna Morley, 12, said, “I think it’s important that there’s a class that will help us as we move into adulthood.”