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Don’t Take it Personally, But I Hate You

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Don’t Take it Personally, But I Hate You

Danny Wood, Staff Writer

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I have come to the realization that I have become extremely vain in my old age. Things that I could simply brush off when I was younger are now starting to really grind my gears. So as a result, I am turning to the written word to express my frustrations by listing characteristics that I hate about people.

Disclaimer: I probably don’t actually hate anyone reading this article, however the following types of people happen to annoy me on frequent occasions.

People who post too much on social media

Hey, man, don’t get me wrong. I’m sure the Drake concert that you’re at right now is pretty cool and all, but do you know what’s equally as cool? Not posting every single song to your Snapchat.

 Unfortunately, however, this applies to much more than just concerts. Rather than showing people on social media how much fun you’re having, please put the phone down and actually enjoy the moment, for Pete’s sake.

Bad Walkers

Walking: it differentiates humans from animals. Yet to this day, I am baffled by the massive number of people who do not know how to walk in a proper manner.

Considering we have all been doing it every single day since we were toddlers, you would think it would be fairly easy to walk on the right side of the hallway at a decent pace, and not stop on a staircase or in a crowded space… but I guess everyone has their flaws.

People who think they are cooler than you because of their interests

If anything is considered “too mainstream” for you, then, I’m sorry to say, I probably find you annoying. Things become mainstream for a simple reason: a majority of people enjoy it.

Refusing to participate in something that, chances are, is enjoyable just because it’s popular is like picking a rotten tomato from a stand full of fresh produce for the sole purpose of being edgy… you’re only hurting yourself.

People who think they are really quirky/relatable

“Honestly, who needs a boyfriend when you have chicken nuggets, dogs, and Netflix.”

If I’m being entirely truthful with you, typing that example caused me physical pain and that is all the explanation needed.

People who brag about how busy they are

Your schedule is not a competition. If someone talks about a busy week coming up, please don’t respond with “Oh, you think you have it bad?” And proceed to talk about how much busier you are because you WILLINGLY DECIDED to take 12 AP classes, work three part-time jobs, do your parents taxes, sign up for a triathlon, and combat world hunger, all in the same week.

Excessively negative people


Some of the worst people on this planet are those who can’t see the bright side and decide to judge others for who they are; the type to entirely look past all of the positive characteristics of human beings, and make a detailed list of things they hate. Next to being extremely hypocritical and ironic, this is the characteristic I wish to never obtain in my lifetime.

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Danny Wood, Staff Writer

Danny is a Senior at the wonderful Freedom High School. Born into a legacy of older brothers attending Freedom, Danny knows the ins, the outs, and the...

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Don’t Take it Personally, But I Hate You