Review: New iOS update likes and dislikes


Rachel Rosser, Staff Writer

Quite a few things were updated and there are new features including dark mode, new emojis etc. Along with the iOS update, Instagram also had an update where you can change to “dark mode.”

I have updated my phone, and there are things I approve and disapprove of.

I have a black iPhone and I enjoy dark mode. I think it makes it appear sleek.

It’s a new look for iPhone and I think it’s aesthetically pleasing. You still have the freedom of choosing “Light Mode” or “Dark Mode.”

The new update also included new emojis and edited emojis. The heart eyes emoji along with the fuchsia flower were edited slightly and I personally don’t like it.

There are a few other emojis that were edited, but I didn’t mind. In fact, I think they were improved. New emojis such as goggles, a leg, an ant and quite a few other things are an improvement.

Overall, I do believe that the system runs smoother and I think it was a good and refreshing update. There are some things that I would change that I dislike but only aesthetically wise. IOS is constantly being updated to fit our needs and satisfaction. I don’t understand why some emojis were updated because one of my favorite things about IOS is the emojis and I’m not loving the edited ones, they are very new, and I’m not used to it quite yet.