Mr. Nanns Creates an Esports Program


Keshav Madhavan, Staff Writter

Mr.Nanns  has taught computer science classes for 7 years at Freedom. Last year he took teams to compete in Super Smash and League of Legends competitions. This year, he’s taking steps to make an esports program at Freedom.

“Our plan is to create an esports arena feel in the room,” Nanns explained, “We’re going to have gaming computers, we’re going to have gaming monitors, we’re going to have the whole setup.” One of the main problems with starting an esports club is getting the proper funding. Gaming equipment is expensive and schools often cannot aid with the cost. Through certifications the students achieve in Nanns’s classes, the school can fund the esports program with more than enough money.

“Last year we competed in Super Smash and League of legends,” Nanns said. “Both of those are continuing this year and I would like to get into sports games as well.”

Using the new gaming setups, Nanns is planning to expand the games students can compete in. Covering a variety of genres from sports games to traditional titles like League of Legends. Nanns is open to competing in other games if the students are interested.

“This year I would like to have it school-wide, e-learners are welcome as well,” Nanns said.

Previously Nanns only had his gaming kids able to participate in esports but this year he’s expanding it to the whole school. E-learners are encouraged to participate but will need a proper internet connection and the appropriate online game pass.

“I’d like to do local tournaments here at freedom first,” Nanns explained, “And then we’re gonna branch out to our district tournaments and our national tournaments.”

Nanns wants to gather a strong following of students by hosting local tournaments first. He is working along the district esports calendar to eventually take that a step further with district and national tournaments.

This is not just the start of legitimizing esports but also accumulating school spirit within the teams.