Introducing Mr. Jones

Lara, McKeown

Mr. Dylan Jones is the new AP Biology teacher on campus this year. The 2017-2018 school year was his first year teaching, as he has only taught at Freedom so far.

“I attended USF and received my bachelor’s is Marine Biology and went on to get my Master’s in Science Education,” Mr. Jones continued, “In my final year of my bachelor’s degree, I was dual enrolled as a graduate student in an accelerated master’s program. I am very grateful to have completed 6 years of schooling in just 5 years.”

When teaching, he tries to find things that students can interact with and be interested in. “I have found myself actively trying to avoid standing in front of students and talking at them about a PowerPoint Presentation,” Mr. Jones said.

This year, he teaches Earth and Space Science and Biology Honors in addition to AP Biology.

“My favorite class to teach is either Biology Honors or AP Biology,” Mr. Jones explained, “I like both of those classes for different reasons. It is only in these classes that you get to have very detailed and meaningful conversations with students.”

Mr. Jones has known he’s wanted to be a teacher since he was a senior in high school taking Marine Science.

“I was the team leader for our shark dissection and was always teaching the others about the shark as we progressed,” Mr. Jones said, “That was when I knew I wanted to teach.”

Throughout his undergraduate at USF, there was a heavy focus on preforming scientific research, but he knew he did not want to work in a lab.

“I genuinely love talking about science and biology in particular,” Mr. Jones shared, “So whenever I get to share with someone, I am happy.”