Anatomy Dissections


Michelle Morgan, Staff Writer

For some students, cutting into bovine eyes, a chicken quarter, and a sheep brain may not be the most appealing activity. However, in Mr. Reed’s anatomy and physiology class, you can do just that, and more.
Anatomy and physiology is the combined study of the structures and functions of said structures in human and animal bodies. Mr. Reed mainly utilizes power point presentations and printouts to assist in his lectures to have students take notes for class. But this class requires a little more than note taking. So far this school year, the students taking this course have dissected a sheep brain, chicken quarter, and most recently, a bovine eye (cow eye).
Belicia Santos, 11, chose to take anatomy as she plans to pursue a career as a pediatric surgeon. For her, hands-on labs and dissections have helped her to, “actually see where things are after already having notes on things, like the chicken leg.”
Taking the class purely out of interest, Jason Reimer, 11, said, “the dissections are really helpful for the class, and are just really cool to do.” Having just completed a dissection, he said that it made the content of the class easier to understand.
Keona Garland, 12, doesn’t necessarily love doing the dissecting itself, but still finds the class and the labs really intriguing. “I wrote the information on my partner and I’s paper for this last lab but I was still really interested in looking at the cow eye.”
Although she doesn’t want to pursue a career related to anatomy, Elysia Rosado, 11, decided to take the class because she was interested in it. She has thus far loved the labs, saying, “ they’ve helped me a lot in the class; doing dissections is hands-on instead of just looking at pictures, which I’ve found to be really