Ag at Freedom


Hayden Wooldridge, Staff Writer

Freedom has grown their agriculture program and has helped students learn how to take care of different animals and navigate themselves around the agriculture field.

In agriculture “we learn how to work hands on with animals and how to manage the business and social aspects of the field,” Camryn Bliss, 12, said.

The agriculture class helps students learn how to groom animals and give physical exams, as well as the social skills needed to get jobs in the field. Students gain experience working directly with the animals that they have.

“We get to take care of horses, goats, turkeys, chickens, and a pig and maintain their overall health,” Kelsi Matthews, 12, said.

The class teaches students how to take care of the animals and exposes them to things they may have to do if they decide to pursue a career in agriculture. The program has also helped influence the career paths some of the students.

“Becoming a veterinarian interests me a lot and it’s definitely something I’m looking forward to pursuing,” Matthews said.

The class has inspired many to work in the agricultural field and has prepared them for the challenges they may face. They gain social and leadership skills, as well as knowledge about animals and animal care.

“Agriculture has taught me so much,” Bliss said, “but the most important lessons are confidence, public speaking skills, and how to be an agriculturally literate member of society.”