It’s time to give thanks

It's time to give thanks

Sofia Rao, Staff Writer

There is a buzz of anticipation going through the hallways and it’s accompanied by a new chill in the air that wasn’t present a few weeks ago. Thanksgiving break is quickly approaching; student’s minds are focusing less on the worksheets on their desk and more on what they’re going to be doing over the 8-day vacation.
“My dad is coming down from Texas and I’m going to be visiting some family,” Belicia Santos, 11, explained. “But the thing I’m looking forward to the most is sleeping in. This break needs to come a little faster.”
Thanksgiving break gives the students and staff some much-needed rest. People start planning weeks in advance and the vacation represents something different for everyone.
“Every year, my family and I head up to the mountains in Georgia for some camping. It’s a little unconventional in terms of Thanksgiving traditions, but the scenery is amazing and I look forward to going every year,” Mr.Heverly said.
Thanksgiving is widely assessed as a family holiday. Students and staff pack up their bags and prepare to head off to some distant relative’s home. For many families this means crowding around the TV watching the football game with
anticipation, picking out the largest turkey from the grocery store, and bringing a pair of pants with a stretchy waistline in preparation for all the food they’re going to eat.
“My grandma and my mom spend the entire day in the kitchen. The meal is huge. I swear my grandma makes the best pumpkin pie,“ Ja’nayja Grace, 10, said.
People look forward to the extravagant meals, but Thanksgiving means a lot more to most people. To many, the holiday symbolizes a time for gathering.
“I cannot wait to see all of my family members. This is really the only time I see my distant family and it’s a little difficult with all the new precautions that have been a place because of COVID-19. I know a few people aren’t coming this year, but I’m still really excited to travel to go see my family this year,” Torrence Jefferson, 10, said.
Although Thanksgiving is a time for families to get together, everyone should try to practice safe habits because of the threat of spreading the Coronavirus. Families are urged to create some distance when seeing each other and try to get tested before seeing relatives.
Ensuring that everyone’s health is not comprised will make this holiday better for everyone.
“I mean, yeah, we’re expecting to see changes in the Thanksgiving traditions we’re used to. It’s still going to be a good time and as long as we’re with our family, I’m happy,” Jayla Butler, 12, said, “I’m counting down the days until next Thursday.”