Freedom’s Favorite Movies of 2020


Hayden Wooldridge, Staff Writer

Of all the disaster that has come with 2020, at least people can still count on entertainment. Though the movie theaters have just recently opened back up, people were able to watch new movies through streaming services while in quarantine. Of all the movies that have flooded the screens of teenagers, here are some of Freedom’s favorites.

After asking people from all different grade levels, online and in school, some of the most popular choices were the following: The Invisible Man, To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You, Bad Boys for Life, Antebellum, and Words on Bathroom Walls.

“I have never seen a scary movie with a plot as good as the one in Invisible Man… the suspense was engaging, and the ending was very unexpected,” says Jack Stone, 12. This movie was not just a scary movie, it had a complex plot with substance that gave viewers an emotional connection to the main character. A very common choice for best movie of 2020 among Freedom students, The Invisible Man is a highly recommended movie for those who love action and thrill.

In regard to Words on Bathroom Walls, Connor Pauley, 11, said “it was emotional and heart-warming, with a plot that brought attention to the problems with stigmas surrounding mental illnesses.” Words on Bathroom Walls kept viewers engaged by telling the story between a boy with schizophrenia and a new girl he met. The movie is both moving and realistic to the problems faced by those with mental illnesses.

“Bad Boys for Life was a good ending to the sequel that brought the whole movie together,” Adam Henriquez, 12. Whether it be through action, emotion, or settled cliffhangers, movies in 2020 are keeping teenagers interested and entertained.